The Team / Careers

We are proud to call ourselves BubbleGummers. We’re a team of diversity, and we mean that in every way. Our team is made up of amazing individuals of different shapes and sizes, we come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we share a few similarities.

BubbleGummers are:


Humour is what bonds us. We’re serious when need be, but other times we are cracking jokes and laughing out loud.


We know how to have fun and get the job done at the same time. We believe that laughter is infectious and that’s why we’re not afraid to channel our inner child every once in a while.

Warm & Genuine

Every customer who steps foot into our studio is greeted with a warm welcome and we carry that same energy into each service we provide. You can trust us to be sincere and professional at the same time.

Honest &
Down To Earth

We don’t want our customers to feel the pressure to look or be perfect - because none of us are. We want to provide a comfortable environment so you can be yourself and relax knowing that we’ll take good care of you.

At Bubble Gum X, we believe in people and that’s why we’re constantly looking for talent and grooming each individual inside and out! We know that we can’t bring up the entire industry on our own so we are always seeking for opportunities to collaborate.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to help us propel Malaysia’s beauty scene forward, we want to hear from YOU!