Bubble Gum X, where affordable, top-notch pampering services can be found in a cool, modern and comforting environment. Our team is made up of qualified therapists with years of experience under our belts, trained to create the most enjoyable experience for you.

Started off in 2011 with a few passionate individuals who aim to be the best in the industry and we are proud to call ourselves BubbleGummers; consisting of diversity and multicultural.

Bubble Gum X is young, energetic, and up-to-date and we are open to accepting all challenges and individuals regardless of their goals and views. We encourage new entrepreneurships and cross-partnerships to provide more services to our customers.

We work towards bringing our brands internationally and for us to achieve this, we empower women and know that they can be strong independent identities to contribute back to society. But we are not stopping there, we also believe in grooming each individual from in to out and we are passionate about what we are doing.

We are who we are from the support and patronage shown to us by our customers and BubbleGummers. Thank you for your love!

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