At Bubble Gum X, our vision is to provide a better improved everyday life for all by offering high quality yet affordable beauty services and treatments for everyone.


To support our vision, Bubble Gum X focuses on a few of these core services - hair removal treatments like waxing and laser X, lash extensions and nail care. We have something to cater to your beauty needs from top to toe, empowering anyone to be beautiful and confident.


Our low reasonable prices is the cornerstone of our vision. We are constantly on the look-out for specialized solutions and technological advancements to help us provide better and more cost-effective beauty services. At Bubble Gum X, we want everyone to be able to try our services so we make our prices accessible and the cheapest in the market. Affordable beauty is the end game.


The beauty game is not only for the rich and famous. We want to help as many women (and men) out there to have access to high quality beauty services and treatments. With our hair removal treatments, say bye-bye to shavers; and with our lash extension services, say bye-bye to mascaras. Our beauty services is aimed to help simplify and make your everyday life more efficient.

Look your best. Be your best.

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