Bubble Gum Lash specializes in various lash extension styles, lash lift & tint. We have 3 types of eyelash extension styles - natural, signature and xtreme, to meet your individual style requirements. Whether you want a natural look or something with more drama, it's all up to you. For those who want to enhance their natural eyes without the use of faux lashes, the lash lift & tint is perfect for you.

Our lash therapists have years of experience and are trained to provide the best service possible in a modern yet comforting environment.

Here at Bubble Gum Lash, we don't count the number of lash extensions. We just make sure you'll walk out with a full set of gorgeous lashes & a happy satisfied smile on your face.

Your lashes are our passion!


Eyelash extensions are individual strands of faux lashes expertly attached to each natural eyelash with a special adhesive. They are applied to the eyelashes themselves and never in direct contact with your skin.

Only the highest quality of faux lashes are used and they range in thickness, curl shape and lash length.


Lash lift is a perm that lifts and curls your natural lashes upwards from the base of your lash, making them stand out and look longer. Lash tint adds colour to your natural lashes making it more defined and makes your eyes look larger. Getting a lash lift & tint gives your eyelashes the length, height, volume and the appearance of having longer and thicker lashes.

This is perfect for muslims as it is wuduk-friendly.

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