Laser X is a hair removal process that exposes pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicles, making it a long term solution to smooth and hairless skin.

How it works?

The laser light is converted to targeted heat that is attracted to the pigment of hair, the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing. We start by analysing your skin and hair coarseness, then we’ll shave the to-be-treated area to remove unnecessary hair, and we apply a cooling gel to buffer the heat emitted from the machine. The process aims to weaken the root of the hair, slowing the growth process.

During the treatment, you may feel a slight pinch of pain when the laser pulse is targeted at your hair follicles. The treated hair will fall off within the next 1-3 weeks, and you’ll see immediate results after your first session. However for best permanent results, you’ll require a series of treatment sessions depending on your skin. But we can assure you that with each session, you’ll notice less hair growth.

What to expect:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Hairless skin that lasts up to 5 years
  • Lightens skin with pigmentation problems
  • Reduces ingrown
  • No downtime

Enjoy the freedom to flaunt your silky smooth skin without the constant upkeep!