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If you appreciate beauty, you’re at the right place. Come with us on this wondrous journey in search of the ultimate beauty. A heavenly world where you get to be whatever you want, look however you desire and feel the way you deserve without any guilt.

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You can count on us for:


Preserving beauty

As they all say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Preserve what matters to you. Here at Bubble Gum X-Thetic, we provide all kinds of solutions to improve one’s aesthetic. Increase confidence and comfort in matters of days or even hours after our scientifically proven treatment. After all, what you do with your face is your business, but making it perfect is ours.


Anti aging and skin tightening

Stay forever young with our anti aging products and services tailored specifically to retain your youth. Stay prime and pristine with the assistance of our experienced beauty consultants. We truly believe that a flaw is a catalyst for even further and unique beauty - we offer a one-of-a-kind treatment regime to complement your beauty desires.


Hydration and protection

Imagine smooth, silky skin free from wrinkles and full of tenacity. Now multiply that by twenty. We understand that taking care of one’s skin is meticulous work. That’s why you need help and who better to lend you a hand than your favourite beauty brand Bubble Gum X? Experience the best from the best for the best beauty treatment in town.

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